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Online FSSAI Registration

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Online FSSAI Registration

Step 1: Consulting, Documentation & Filing

  • Fill the online application and our operational team will contact you soon
  • We will make a Q&A session to check the type of license you needed.
  • Collecting the documents via mail.
  • Cross checking the paperwork
  • Form A and Form B are generated for the actual process.
  • Filing the documents with concerned authorities

Step 3: Delivery of License

  • 1. Once it get approval the soft copy and hard copies are sent to the applicant’s given address.
  • 2. Obtaining the FSSAI License takes maximum of 30 days.
  • 3. The 30 days of waiting is only for the basic license, the waiting for other two may differ up to 50 days and more.

FSSAI Registration

Step 2: Waiting for approval

  • 1. After filing the registration application by CS or CA we sort out the questions from the authorities.
  • 2. Simplification of the follow-up by the food departments
  • 3. Waiting period up to 20 days during the consideration of application by the government.

For import export, you need a Central License registered from the address in import export code.

You are having more warehouses within one city then you need separate licenses for each. If all the entities are in same campus then we can go ahead with a single license with the campus’s address.

Obtaining the restaurant license is simple and fast with Solubilis. We streamline each process and intimate with you 20-40 working days about the status of the license. You just fill the form and handover desired documents.

What are the 3 types of contaminations?

The three types are biological, Physical and chemical. The biological contaminations caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and toxins from mushrooms and seafood. The physical contamination means dirt, broken glass, metal staples etc. chemical includes cleaners, polishes and sanitizers.

The license is valid or the period it is issuing or the cancellation by the FSSAI. The renewal application should be made before the expiry date of the application. Renewal can be done for up to 5 years.